About Doctatoc


Doctatoc is a Community (Forum) of Doctors  & Tockers ( any registered person on Doctatoc) created to help people to get the best Opinion and avoid unnecessary Clinic / Hospital visits. It allows users to interact with  Specialist Doctors  from anywhere to everywhere, and get answers about health and medical issues. Apart from this Tockers can take advantage of the experience of fellow Tockers with the same problem or related queries. It values trust and inherent nature of human beings to help others in distress, so Tockers who are our registered users and who form the basis of our network play the most crucial role in helping each other. Along with this the forum itself provides Doctors who will help them with professional guidance  on the forum thread and on a one on one basis too, if requested.

Anyone (over the age of 18) located anywhere can Register online and start Messaging back and forth with Doctors and other Tockers within minutes.

FAQ's Section

What can I expect as a Doctatoc user?

When you create an account, you have the choice to select one or multiple forums dealing in health or medical related issues each monitored by a “Doctor!” Right away, you will see a message screen — ask away! Ask anything (health and medically related) and  get the benefit of opinions of other doctors on the panel as well as other Tockers(users doctatoc) like you with similar experiences.

Your Doctatoc doctor , will be able to help educate you on a variety of medical topics. If a diagnosis needs to be established or treatment is needed  then based on the details available to us we can  direct u to right doctor and the right speciality, circumventing multiple consultations and unnecessary references , saving both money and time. Imagine, all this is available to you 100% free at Doctatoc, all u need to do is click on Doctatoc and register with us!