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Doctatoc Registration Queries & Benefits14

Absolutely. Once you are matched, your Star docstars team will be your constant source for medical advice. One of the benefits of Doctatoc is the ability to build a relationship with your Doctor and Doctatoc Team over time. We feel it is important to have a reliable, friendly and familiar doctor / Tockers to help you with your questions or concerns. plus we are sure you will be well supported by Tockers on the forum with similar problems, Doctatoc concept is based on trust , faith and inherent tendency of humans for compassion and empathy.

We do not train doctors at Doctatoc but all of the doctors are licensed physicians who are peer reviewed and are required to complete the Doctatoc Verification Process before connecting with users on our platform. The Verification Process ensures that you are in great hands. Our doctors stay at the forefront of their fields by pursuing Continuing Medical Education (CME).

Doctatoc doctors work from all over the world. We have doctors in San Francisco, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Denmark, Boston, and more.(keep either countries or cities).

When creating an account with Doctatoc, you will be allowed to choose a Docstar based on your understanding of your health problems and the forum u want to associate with and with whom you will be able to build a medical relationship over time. Your  docstar could be based anywhere in the world and you can message with them 24/7.

At some point or multiple points throughout your Doctatoc experience, you may need further care. Doctatoc has doctors (Local Doctors) who are licensed in your state. If treatment or diagnosis is needed, your Docstar will connect you to a Doctatoc Local Doctor — right in the same message stream.

When you create an account, u are given 2 options , either we will match you to one of our care teams or you can choose a forum of ur choice. This way, you will have a doctor at your fingertips 24/7.

We Verify only the best and brightest Doctors. Our doctors have graduated from some of the top medical universities and fulfill strict Continuing Medical Education (CME) requirements to stay current on primary care best practices. Your matched doctor could be based anywhere in the world and you can reach them and their team 24/7 with your medical questions and concerns. If your situation requires further care (see Extended Service), your matched doctor can refer you to a local doctor. The local doctor is a physician licensed in your state who can help when you require a diagnosis, prescription, lab test, or official doctor’s note.

Your Doctatoc doctor isn’t meant to replace your Primary Care Physician. We’re glad you have a doctor, and we encourage you to continue routine check-ups and in-person visits. A lot of people who already have a doctor use Doctatoc for little questions, questions a regular family doctor may not have time for, or as a second opinion after visiting your doctor. Plus, a lot of family doctor are tough to get ahold of and there is always a wait time for an appointment.

A 2016 study estimates that 70% of the 1 billion doctors clinic visits, the previous year were unnecessary and could have been avoided by first consulting with a physician by phone, email or text. When you visit a doctor, you often have to set up an appointment in advance and take half a day off work to visit the doctor for yourself or a loved one. Additionally, a doctor’s visit takes a nonrefundable fee upfront, typically a co-pay, all before seeing the doctor who decides if treatment is necessary or not.

Alternatively, Doctatoc offers you access to a personal doctor at your fingertips, 24/7, who will help answer your everyday health questions or let you know if you should go in for a physical appointment, saving you time and money. Our extended service may be able to help you with a diagnosis, prescription, or lab order, all from the comfort of your own home.

Doctatoc is Community of Doctors & Tockers with free information available to Public for queries related to health issues and get quick remedies for the same, Hence, all information you exchange on Doctatoc Website is visible and accessible online, by everyone.

While we do not yet have an Android / IOS app, you can still chat with us on your mobile device through our website.

Messaging a Docstar  Team or Tockers is completely free. There are no messages or time limits. With the free service, you can get answers to questions and tips (like home remedies for headaches or colds, Symptoms of health issues etc…).

If you need more personalized care or treatment, you have the option to be connected to a doctor in your state – a Doctatoc Local Doctor. This extended service is available with a 20% Discount on Doctors Regular Fees (for Doctatoc Members / Tockers) single-use and it’s currently available in Navi Mumbai.

For more information about our extended service, Look out for our Extended Services section which will be updated Soon...

When you create an account, you have the choice to select one or multiple forums dealing in health or medical related issues each headed by a “Docstar!” Right away, you will see a message screen — ask away! Ask anything (health and medically related) and go back and forth as much as you need with your Docstar , plus u get the benefit of opinions of other doctors on the panel as well as other Tockers like you with similar experiences.

Your docstar , will be able to help educate you on a variety of medical topics. The best part is you never have to start over. The other best part? This is all 100% free. If a diagnosis or treatment is needed (read: Doctors / Tockers Suggestions, Issues, Doctor’s notes, Symptoms), then based on your  DOCSTAR advice , our team will Connect you to a Local Doctor for your appointment at his Clinic with a Doctatoc Members Discount of 20% on Doctors regular Charges. Doctatoc will continue to help you throughout this process and see that you get the help you need from a Doctatoc Local Doctor.

It values trust and inherent nature of human beings to help act other in distress, so Tockers or our registered users who form the basis of our network play the most crucial role in helping each other and the Doctors will be the guide who will help them with professional guidance.

Anyone (over the age of 18) located anywhere can Register online & start Messaging back and forth with Docstars & and other Tockers within minutes.

Doctatoc is a Community (Forum) of Docstars (registered and Doctatoc verified doctors) & Tockers ( any registered person on Doctatoc is a Tocker) created to help people to get the best Opinion and avoid unnecessary Clinic / Hospital visits by pairing users with a Specialist Doctors available 24/7 from anywhere to everywhere, anybody can directly message 24/7, for fast, answers about health and medical issues or search & Read online from Tockers for health related queries and problems.

There are 2 ways of registering

1. Simple registration, which is just your email and password and username, based on this registration you can connect to only other Tockers and not Docstars.

 2. Tockers, to register as a Tockers, u will need to fill our health registration form, with answers to simple questions regarding your health and past medical history, this help us advice you regarding your health issues in a much better way.