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    There are several wrinkle treatments. Chemical peel or application of chemicals, such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid and trichloroacetic acid, to smooth the skin – this non-invasive procedure is for fine-line wrinkles with less intensity; Microdermabrasion or skin polishing using tiny crystals. Spread over several sessions, this superficial sanding of the skin polishes the tissues and erases folds and creases; Dermabrasion or surgical skin sanding involves scraping off the outer skin layer subject to folds, lines, creases or wrinkles; Laser resurfacing, a popular wrinkle treatment option, uses two types of lasers – ablative and nonablative. The former annihilates the outer skin layer and stimulates collagen formation in the inner skin layer through heat therapy. New skin resurfaces after several weeks. Nonablative laser, on the other hand, only stimulates collagen growth without destroying the outer skin and thus offering shorter recovery; Heat and radiofrequency are also used to ensure collagen stimulation and growth; Botox injections are used after prescribed intervals to paralyze muscles beneath the skin and return fullness to the skin without tension; Dermal filler injections inject hyaluronic acid and other fillers to flatten wrinkles; Fat and collagen injections help the skin regain its elasticity; Photo rejuvenation or skin toning using photodynamic therapy; Surgical procedures, such as facelift, face rejuvenation, etc., that takes out excess fat, replace damaged skin tissues with healthy ones and make the skin layer tight.
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