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    If such an eye drop is possible and can be made available affordably, it could have far-reaching implications for the eye health of millions of people worldwide. And scientists might be getting closer to developing an eye drop that can reduce the severity of cataracts, if not prevent them !!! However, a study shows that an injection of a compound called lanosterol (a precursor of cholesterol and steroid hormones) into eyes with a certain type of congenital cataract reduced the severity of the cataracts. Scientists have identified a compound capable of reversing cataracts that is soluble enough to be successfully administered as a topical (eye drop) medication for cataracts. The substance, called “compound 29” at this point, was tested topically on mice, and the eye drops partially restored transparency to mouse eyes affected by cataracts. Much more research is needed to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of cataract-dissolving eye drops on humans, and whether these drops also can prevent cataracts from forming in aging eyes. Also, it is unclear whether improvement in the apparent clarity of lenses from use of cataract-dissolving eye drops will result in vision improvement comparable to that produced by cataract surgery.
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