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    Making some small changes to your sleep environment can help you fall asleep and stay asleep. The following are among environmental factors that you can change to positively affect your sleep:

    • Change your sheets often for a fresh feel and smell;
    • Commit to having a comfortable mattress and replacing it about every eight years; Find a temperature that makes sleep comfortable for you;
    • If you listen to Radio/TV to fall asleep, make sure to keep the volume low;
    • Keep your bedroom dark because lightness signals that your body needs to be alert and darkness makes it more likely to welcome sleep;
    • Minimize electronics that give off light in your bedroom;
    • Outdoor noise pollution should be kept to a minimum by using a fan or even ear plugs.
    • Exercising at least three hours before bedtime – in the late afternoon, gives your body time to cool down
    • Eating just before going to bed can be disruptive to your sleep. It’s best to finish eating or drinking at least two to three hours before bedtime. Eating too close to bedtime can make you uncomfortable.
    • While naps can help improve alertness in the short-term, they also can disrupt sleep if taken too late. One should not take a nap later than 3:00 pm to make sure that the nap does not interfere with your regular sleep at night. A short nap – 20 or 30 minutes – can help rejuvenate you during the day without causing you trouble sleeping at night.
    • Overall, creating a peaceful, comfortable sleeping environment is the best thing you can do for a good night’s sleep.
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