Symptoms of Giant Cell Arteritis

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    The most common symptom of GCA is a new headache, usually around the temples, but headache due to GCA can occur anywhere, including the front, top and back of the skull. Almost as common are symptoms such as fatigue, loss of appetite, weight loss or a flu-like feeling. There may be pain in the jaw with chewing. Sometimes the only sign of GCA is unexplained fever. Less common symptoms include pains in the face, tongue or throat. If GCA spreads to the blood supply of the eye, eyesight can be affected. Problems with vision can include temporary blurring, double vision or blindness. Permanent loss of vision in GCA can occur suddenly, but proper treatment can prevent this complication. It is vital that patients who have active or inactive PMR report any symptoms of new headache, changes in vision or jaw pain right away to their doctors.
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