Increase of risk in developing a tooth abscess

Forums Dentistry Increase of risk in developing a tooth abscess

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    There are several factors but primary among them are : Poor oral hygiene – This is the single biggest and most easily preventable factor that increases your risk of developing a tooth abscess. Individuals who do not brush and floss regularly are at a much greater risk of developing both types of dental abscesses. Dietary flaws – Unhealthy dietary practices don’t just affect your heart function and weight! Excessive consumption of sugar rich foods that are sticky like chocolates, sweets and candy can increase your risk of dental abscesses. Likewise, consuming sweetened drinks, including juices and carbonated drinks can increase the risk. Starchy foods like those made from processed flour including biscuits, pretzels and white bread are also known to increase the risk. Weak immune function – Individuals with a weakened immune system are at a higher risk of developing a dental abscess. Immune function may be compromised because of pre-existing conditions like diabetes or AIDS, and the use of medications and therapies used to treat conditions like cancer and certain autoimmune diseases.
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