Symptoms of Tooth Abscess

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    The most noticeable symptom of a Tooth Abscess is intense pain in the affected tooth and surrounding region. This dull throbbing pain may be near constant, but it tends to ebb and flow, worsening every couple of hours or days. Toothache like this tends to radiate to other parts and you will very likely experience aches and pains in the jaws, neck and in the ears. Severe facial swelling, typical around the cheeks and jaws is also quite a common symptom of a tooth abscess. You may also notice symptoms like: Increased sensitivity of the teeth and gums to extreme temperatures; Tenderness in the affected area; Halitosis (bad breath); General feelings of malaise; Difficulty opening the mouth or swallowing; Sleep disturbances and High fever. There is a risk of the infection spreading to other parts of the body which is why you may experience symptoms like facial swelling, intense pain that is not responsive to pain medication, breathlessness and a fever with temperature going above 100.4°F.
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