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    Look at your shoes: Ill-fitting shoes are a major factor. Check that the toe box is deep and wide enough and matches the shape of your foot. Also make sure that it is long enough for your foot. Avoid shoes with narrow pointed toes and very high heels. Try and make sure that the soles of your shoes are made of shock absorbing material. Skin: Keep skin soft and supple to improve elasticity and resilience, use a moisturiser daily. Hard skin: Gently file hard skin with a foot file. Once or twice a week should be sufficient. Between the toes: Dry thoroughly. If the area is persistently moist, apply surgical spirit between the toes daily. Do not use if there is a break in your skin. Insoles and orthotics: Wearing an insole or orthotic may help reduce symptoms. Gel protector: You can buy a suitable protector for hammer, claw toes or cramped toes. Your Podiatrist will talk to you about what to look for.
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